Next market Saturday 12th June at Pierremont Hall (in the gardens). 

Pierremont hall, Pierremont Park, Broadstairs CT10 1JX

Solo Exhibitions-

British coastline Exhibition, 

In collaboration with the Thanet coast project. 20th-28th July-  Margate visitors information centre, Droit house, Stone pier, Margate, CT9 1JD

British Sealife Exhibition, 

29th July- 3rd august. Mcgillan & Woodell, 43 Queen street, Ramsgate, CT11 9DZ

Flora & Fauna exhibition,

18th-29th August.

An exhibition of original drawings all inspired by British Flora & Fauna

Italianate Glasshouse, Montefiore Avenue, Ramsgate, CT11 8BD


When planning my yearly exhibition there are multiple factors that I consider, the environmental impact, how to convey an informative yet beautiful collection of work and I also choose a relevant charity to donate a percentage of my profit to.

Over the months of planning and creating the artwork for the exhibition I like to do lots of research into my theme to educate myself on the subject matter so I can inform people correctly and spread the word about my charity of choice. 

The main body of the work for the exhibition is comprised of my original ink and watercolour illustrations. To make my work accessible and educational to as wide an audience as possible I create a series of limited edition prints that encompas the overall theme of the exhibition. 

Below are a few details of my past exhibitions.


British Wildlife Exhibition - August 2020

At the Italianate glasshouse, Ramsgate.

This year I chose British wildlife as my exhibition theme and have just donated £300 the Kent Wildlife Trust. Read about the work they do by clicking the link below.


'Save the Bees' Exhibition - May 2019

At the Italianate Glasshouse, Ramsgate.

Last year I donated over £200 to the bumblebee conservation trust. They've had a local project running called 'Buzz to the coast'. We also handed out hundreds of packets of wild seeds to visitors to promote pollinators in their gardens at home. Its been lovely receiving photos from visitors of these wild flowers in bloom!


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