I feel very strongly that its such a luxury to be able to work in a field that I can be creative and love what I'm doing so its important to me that the only impact from my practice is a positive one, both in an environmental and ethical sence.

Theres no such thing as perfect but I'm always researching and trying to work towards my business (and life) being as eco friendly as possible.

Heres a little bit about some of my suppliers and materials that I use.

Paper from Brighton, UK. This includes paper for my prints and also my notebooks. I use a mix of acid free papers and also paper made of recycled coffee cups for my prints and the notebooks are all made out of recyled paper and recyled coffee cups.
Inks from Devon, UK. The inks I use are all made in the uk and come in reusable containers. They are waterbased and safe to for me to wash out my screens and the residue to go down the drain as they have no chemicals that will be harmful to marine life. The inks are also vegan and never tested on animals.

Babygrows, 100% organic cotton and made in the uk then individually hand printed in my Ramsgate studio by me.

Ceramics, Made in stoke-on-trent, UK. All of my ceramics are made in a traditional factory in stoke-on-trent as well as being printed there too. They are printed using screen printed decals and kiln fired for a super detailed, strong pigment and long lasting image.

Cards, Broadstairs, UK. Printed on to uncoated tintoretto. 100% recyclable, however I design the cards in the hope that they can be kept and framed by the receiver.

Wrapping paper. printed in the Uk using waterbased inks. The paper is lovely and thick so can be re-used time and time again and is also great for crafting.

Tshirts & Hoodies. Fair Wear (ensuring decent working conditions and fair pay for workers) Made in Bangladesh.
Tshirts 100 % organic cotton
Hoodies 85% organic cotton, 15% recycled polyester.
Hand printed in Uk using waterbased, eco friendly vegan inks.

Why its important to use organic cotton.
Organic cotton uses no checmicals, fertilizers or pesticides meaning that it does not harm the farmers that grow it, surrounding animals and the land that its grown on.
Organic cotton also uses less water to grow and preserves soil quality. This also means that any run off will not contain dangerous chemicals.

If you have any other questions or any suggestions about my practice please drop me a message